The Trial: Transform Your Dating Life In Eight Weeks by [Hayden, Avery]

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She was a professional model, long legs, high cheekbones, stunning red hair.

And she was leaning in to kiss me! I was sixteen, this was going to be my first kiss… As her lips approached mine, I literally turned away, and then I nervously scurried out of the room.

I didn’t see her again for weeks (and I never ended up kissing her).

Why did I do this?

Because, like many modern men, I was insecure about my sexuality, I was afraid of rejection, and I lacked self-confidence. All I wanted was romantic connection, but I couldn’t be vulnerable, and as a result, I spent 19 years without a woman’s touch.

I started reading articles and watching videos about how to pick up girls, I learned all the techniques, and spent years practicing them. But the techniques didn’t work, because as men, we don’t need tricks to create attraction. We need to learn how to face our fears and be vulnerable.

But it’s hard, it took me years to learn how to genuinely connect with women on my own.

This is the book I wish I had: the book that would have cut years off my learning curve. Instead of teaching you how to build attraction, The Trial is a step-by-step guide to overcoming your insecurities by facing them directly. Through following the steps, you will learn…

-The three-step process to enter a state of total self-confidence in which all of your fears become meaningless.

-How to have an engaging conversation with anyone you meet.

-How to gain so much value from rejection that you will literally look forward to being turned down.

-How to use a website created by Harvard scientists to force yourself to succeed in any goal, dating or otherwise.

-How to overcome your insecurities and demolish your fears through a scientifically proven technique.

-The reason most people never improve (and how to be the exception)

This book contains a set of carefully constructed challenges, each one will push you further outside of your comfort zone.

If you complete the challenges, your success is guaranteed. In fact, if you read this book and don’t get the results you want. I will personally give you a gift worth over $100 as an apology.

But I know I won’t have to: so long as you can answer yes to one important question:

Are you ready to take massive action?

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