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Several great books have been written teaching men’s dating advice.

Models by Mark Manson clarifies the mindset an attractive man has in a visceral, easy-to-understand way. The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene uses powerful historical examples to help you understand the psychology of what makes people fall in love. The Game by Neil Strauss is a brilliant work that has introduced millions of men to the idea that they can learn success with women like any other skill (although it is certainly not a guide for how to do so yourself).

Although these books have offered tremendous value to men across the world, they are all missing something. Something that I believe is necessary for anyone who wants to learn success with women.

These books tell you what to do, and even why you should do it. Yet they don’t address the reality that learning the skill-set necessary for success with women is a messy process.

Knowing what to do and why it works isn’t enough. There is a wide gap between information and the successful real-life implementation of that information. The principles, values, and strategies in the aforementioned books are useful, but knowing what to do isn’t the same as having the tools to systematically implement that knowledge in your real life.

Everyone knows that they should cut fast food out of their diet to lose weight, yet few people do. Everyone knows they shouldn’t binge watch Netflix for hours a day, yet the average American watches 5 hours of television per day. We’ve all tried to change our lives for the better, and whether we were aiming to improve our career, relationships, fitness, or anything else; the fact that we knew what we wanted and how to accomplish our goal wasn’t always enough. In fact, most people rarely successfully accomplish their goals. Why, though?

We don’t fail to accomplish our goals because of a weak willpower, inherent laziness, or even because we lack understanding of how to accomplish our goals. We fail to accomplish goals because we don’t have systems that facilitate the necessary self-awareness, consistency, and boundary pushing that are all necessary.

I learned this the hard way, I’ve failed to accomplish my goals hundreds of times. Through my countless failures and years of psychological research, I have learned what it takes to transform knowledge of how to do something, into real life results.

I wrote this book because I’ve known dozens of guys who’ve dipped their toes in the water hoping for success with women. Yet, I’ve known only a couple who accomplished their dating goals. Most guys either give up or continuously make the same mistakes month after month.

I know anyone can have the success with women they want, but I also know that most guys who try don’t get the results they were hoping for. They didn’t have a system that taught them how to reliably improve over time.

This book will give you just that, a system for consistently improving your dating life. Most men don’t need more theory how to attract women, they need to learn how to convert their knowledge into real life results. The Seduction Blueprint will help bridge the information-action gap for you, you won’t just learn what to do and why it works, you’ll learn a system for implementing that knowledge into your real life. This book is designed to trigger long-term self-improvement for anyone who reads it.

However, you should know that this is a pragmatic approach based on the reality that change takes significant effort. If you’re looking for cheerleading or a ‘quick fix’, you’re reading the wrong book.

Before we begin, know this, my intention for The Seduction Blueprint is bold. I want this to be the next book on the list of great books teaching success with women. Not necessarily because the ideas here are cleverer than the competition, but because people who read this book are given the tools they need to translate concepts and strategies into real life results.

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