In The Matrix, Neo, the protagonist, lives an average late 20th century box life. He works in a box-shaped cubicle, lives in a box house, and spends his time staring at a box computer screen. Neo’s life is fine, it’s the average corporate America rat-race existence. One day, though, everything changes, and Neo becomes part of a conspiracy.

Neo meets Morpheus who makes an offer, “Take the blue pill and everything goes back the way it was, take the red pill and experience the truth in all its ugliness.” Neo takes the red pill, and discovers that everything he knew about the world was a lie, what he learns isn’t pretty, and it isn’t easy to stomach, but it is true.

Red Pill Theory is based on this metaphor from The Matrix. As we go through our life, much of what we learn about the world and each other is filtered through numerous cultural biases, and it isn’t at all true. Our society creates a psychological matrix, an illusion about what it means to be human..

For example, we learn about sex and romance through the lens of religious traditions and Hollywood movies which make dating seem like a noble, enlightened part of who we are. But the truth is much darker, and dating is often motivated by selfish, evolutionary drives that have everything to do with successfully passing on our genes to the next generation, and little to do with anything noble or enlightened.

We learn who we are through a culture that tells us what it wants us to hear, and we believe in a narrative that is both comfortable and pacifying. By believing what we are taught, we learn to act within the bounds of the societal narrative. We date how our society wants us to date, we learn what our society wants us to learn, and we work the kinds of jobs our society wants us to work.

With Red Pill Theory, you’re offered a choice, you can continue living in relative comfort by blindly following the path that society has set for you, or you can give up that comfort and learn the truth.

Just like in The Matrix, the truth isn’t pretty. Human behavior is often driven by petty, selfish impulses, and taking the red pill means confronting that who you are might not be as noble or heightened as you’ve been taught to believe.

Through taking the red pill, you’re sacrificing comfort but gaining power: the power to control your life.

Instead of taking a job that society has taught you is appropriate to you, once you take the red pill, you can create a career based on your personal passions.

Instead of marrying someone who society has taught is appropriate for you, you can date anyone, because you will learn that what you’ve been taught about the opposite sex and sexual attraction is dead wrong.

Instead of being trapped by the limiting beliefs that have been passed on to you by your family, friends, and society as a whole, you will free yourself to understand that who you are is something you can control and change.

Taking the red pill isn’t pleasant, a lot of what you will learn will be difficult to accept. You should only proceed if you value truth over comfort.

Here, you will learn what you need to learn to change any area of your life, whether it be your financial success, dating success, or anything else- but none of those changes will be easy to make.

Self-help gurus use inspiration and blind positivity to motivate people to take action, but this doesn’t work in the long-term because that motivation always runs out. Here, you will learn the no-bullshit truth about what it will take to make the changes you want to make, without the sugarcoating and marketing.

Because Red Pill Theory covers the topics of sex and dating extensively, I do want to make one thing clear. The online Red Pill community originated with the notion that the truth about sex isn’t always pretty, but many of its members have taken a victim mentality in which they treat women as a scapegoat for their problems.

This trend in the red pill community is something that you won’t find here. Yes, it is true that you may learn things about women that are difficult to hear, but you will just as often learn things about men that are difficult to hear. Women have selfish motives and have the capacity to deeply hurt men because of these motives, but that coin has two sides, and men are just as guilty of this.

Articles that imply that women are immature, stupid, or hateful in comparison to men are not based on scientific truth, they are based on an individual’s hurt feelings. Red Pill Theory isn’t about blaming women for your problems, it’s not about us vs. them, it’s about learning to thrive despite the flaws of both sexes.

Hopefully, we can change the culture of the Red Pill community back to its scientific and philosophical roots of discovering the harsh truths about humans in general. Its current state is, unfortunately, deeply damaged and has largely lost touch with what made its core values so great.

If you’re prepared – and willing- to learn the harsh truths of human behavior, then dive in and take the red pill. What you will learn can change your life, so long as you are prepared to face the truth.

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